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Dear Fellow Doctor...
Have you ever stumbled upon a fellow healthcare professional who seems to have it all? 

The thriving practice, the money, the personal life balance... 

They do what you do, know what you know, and you wonder why they get better results? 
The difference is you're working really hard but you're not gaining traction, you're not where you want to be.

It’s absolutely maddening to watch, right? 

So you read more books, attend more conferences, you begin to follow the big gurus, download the freebies, watch the webinars... hoping to figure it all out. 

It shouldn’t be this hard, right?
Here's the problem with all that's paralyzing!

Chances are you are spinning your wheels... 

At the same time, the prospect of adding more to your plate is simply daunting... 

Here's the ugly truth...information is a commodity.

The professionals who are having success also have clarity.

Here's the good news... it doesn't have to be hard!
So now what?
What will a solution that will give you:
  •  Proven strategies from fellow doctors and coaches who have been there
  •  A complete blueprint for providing the framework for business success
  •  Accountability in a supportive environment where everyone wins
  •  All this in a secure online forum with the intention of providing you all the essentials to help you thrive
After working with THOUSANDS {no exaggeration} of healthcare professionals...

WE KNOW what methods help healthcare professionals ACTUALLY grow and scale their practice in a small group setting where you CANNOT HIDE.
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  • A minimum of 80% participation in online membership and group coaching calls 

  • Video testimonial at half-way point and at the end of program
  •  One year commitment to The Inspired Coaching Blueprint Membership that will change your life and business for good
  •  The investment is only $997 for 12 months for this special group.
    (we also have a monthly payment option of $97/month for 12 months) 
  •  If you’re ready for real mindset transformation, committed collaboration, business development, strategy, a high touch experience, apply now
24/7 Private Membership
There is real power in community. It can truly be life changing. Whether it's a big problem or creative brainstorm or feedback, we'll have multiple topics and supporting information so you feel supported 365 days of the year!
Actionable Lessons
  •  Financial Blueprint so you can run a profitable practice
  •  Team Blueprint so you can hire, train and run your practice effectively
  •  Patient Blueprint where we share our time-tested and proven patient onboarding protocol
  •  Sales Blueprint sales coaching at its finest so you can effortlessly attract and sell your services
Online Strategy Sessions
Dr. Hughes, Dr. Carpenter, Dr. Osborn have collectively trained thousands of healthcare professionals as well as having a pulse on the healthcare industry. They bring their business and coaching skills to every conversation to help you move forward in your business. 
"Great coaching guides you to feel empowered so that you are attracting the right situations, the right patients, the right strategic partnerships that help you grow your practice..." - Dr. Janice Hughes
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