The Adventures of Live Well Warriors
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Dr. Kim Carpenter & Family
"I am excited to share my passion for educating and empowering children and families.The Live Well Warriors Program has helped wellness practitioners grow their practices and change the lives of families within their communities."
As a mom and chiropractor, I have learned the critical role that children can play in changing the world, especially when their innate ability to express compassion is combined with an active awareness of the mind, body, and environment. From practicing intention setting and mindfulness, to shopping for organic food at farmers markets, to setting up community gardens and recycling programs, I believe that children can be part of the solution to creating a healthier, happier world, and that they can have fun doing it! The Adventures of the Live Well Warriors program is founded on this belief.

I applied my clinical experience as a Doctor of Chiropractic, combined it with challenges I have faced as a parent, and I developed a series of adventure books that children and parents love.  The Live Well Warrior Tools and Live Well Warrior Day will inspire children to grow well and live well. With each book and mission, young readers can enjoy:
  • Following the rescue missions of the Live Well Warriors
  •  Setting out on completing their own self-guided missions to reinforce their learning
  •  Learning about where food comes from, how to protect our environment, and how to handle challenges with mindfulness and affirmations
  •  Developing their reading and comprehension skills
  •  Completing a list of activities to earn their Live Well Warrior Badges and a Live Well Warrior Cape
Meet The Warriors
Teaching the importance of practicing habits that make the world more compassionate and a cleaner place to live.
Motivating and inspiring the world to move more, be present in every situation, and to fuel the body for maximum performance.
An expert when it comes to organic farming, cooking and eating well!
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